Test Results

test12Results of laboratory tests, x-rays and other investigations are received by the Practice in the early afternoon on most week days. The results are received in the early afternoon so if you are telephoning for results, please do so AFTER 4.00pm when the phones are quieter!

FOR RESULTS PHONE: 01259 750531

If you phone before 4.00pm you will be asked to call back later when we have had time to view the day's mail and the Doctors have checked and interpreted the results for you.

Blood tests: most take about 3 days to come back to the Practice, however some take longer, even several weeks. We usually suggest you wait a week before phoning for results to allow us time to receive and consider your results. If a test is required urgently, your doctor may be able to obtain it earlier but this often takes considerable effort and delays other people's results (and other things getting done).

X-rays: if you have been sent for an x-ray, even though you attend the 'open-access' service very quickly, the written result often takes 2-3 weeks to reach us.

We have installed a computerised system for storing letters and results in patient records, known as Docman, which means the Doctors and Nurses can have quicker access to results while you are in surgery and cuts down on paper waste. All results are securely stored.

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